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How Can Asia Tap South African Travelers?

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Posted: 04 Jun 2014 | 6:00 am

Yesterday I came across a good travel read from Khiri Travel about how Asia can tap into the outbound South African market.

Last year in 2013, 5.7 million South African's ventured overseas. It's expected this year over 21,000 will visit Thailand but how to get more?

One key plus to capturing the upside is that air connections are simple - Thai, Singapore Airlines all ply the route. Another good alternative are Middle Eastern carriers like Emirates which fly into Phuket.

Reading feedback from World Travel Mart Africa, one misconception is that South African's think Thailand is a seasonal destination and should only come between November and February.

Strangely safety concerns are also rife, given Asia for many remains an unknown.

As Thailand tries to spur tourism recovery, a lot can be said for giving South Africa a bit of face time.

There are some pointers that Asia can think of when it comes to South African tourists. Thailand especially must think on these things:-
The exchange rate is not that great for South Africans coming to Asia.
Flight times are very very long.
SA tourists like sun and sea and safe areas, yes note safety. They do not like to be ripped off by taxis and tuk tuk's. They despise two tier pricing as this is not practiced in their own country.
South Africa, especially Cape Town has its fair share of premier shopping centers and malls and good prices too. Phuket has priced it self out of the tourist market because of greed and corruption.
South Africans best loved sun and sea locations are Mauritius, short flying times and they are treated with utmost respect by the Mauritian people because they know if the tourist buck stops, so does their country and their lives.
Seychelles is the second favorite for the same reason.
Robin, 08 Jun 2014 | 12:13 pm

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